New Reality Show Follows Life with Disability

New Reality Show Follows Life with Disability

Push Girls, a reality show set to debut in April on the Sundance Channel, follows the lives of four women who have been paralyzed by either disease or tragic accidents. While each of these women use wheelchairs in everyday life, the title of the show refers to pushing through obstacles such as stereotypes and career challenges.

Producer Gay Rosenthal previously worked on Little People, Big World, a series about a couple with dwarfism raising a typically sized family, and Ruby, a show about a morbidly obese woman’s journey to lose weight. Push Girls follows in the same vein of tackling life “with spirit and confidence,” as Rosenthal says. “The show challenges perceptions about life in a wheel chair, giving the audience an honest, non-nonsense look into [these women’s] world,” she tells C21 Media.

Each of these women portrayed on the show had to face leaving a dream from their youth behind due to their disabilities. One was once a swim star and another a hip hop dancer, but as life goes on, all of these women are embracing new dreams, including motherhood, relationships, athletics and even stardom.

Tiphany Adams is one star of the show. She is the lone survivor of a car accident that took the lives of three friends while she was in high school. “Most people would want to give up,” she tells the New York Post, “But all four of us girls chose triumph over tragedy.”

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