Special Needs App of the Day: Comprehension TherAppy

Special Needs App of the Day: Comprehension TherAppy

Comprehension TherAppy is designed to help people with aphasia and alexia (acquired reading disorder). It comes with three modes: Listen, Read, or Listen and Read. The 500 + photographs of nouns in the Listen section were selected by speech-language pathologists. Verbs and adjectives can be purchased and downloaded as well.

The user is prompted to choose either a photograph based on a spoken word, a picture based on a written word, or a written word based on a spoken word, depending on which mode they are in. Results can be directly emailed to the therapist so that progress can be monitored.

Comprehension TherAppy can be customized for each user. One of the many benefits of this app Is that it can be effectively used with adults and children. There is a child-friendly mode that can be selected to avoid references to alcohol or violence.

Comprehension TherAppy is available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for $24.99.

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