Special Needs App of the Day: Fish School

Special Needs App of the Day: Fish School

Fish School by Duck Duck Moose uses beautiful images, bright colors, and music adapted from the classic ABC song to capture your child’s attention and hold it. There are eight different activities for learning, including letters, numbers, and shapes where the fish form each item.

There is also the ABC song where the letters change while the song is sung; colors, where tapping on a fish of one color will make all the fish of that color swim up; differences, which asks the child which fish does not belong; and matching, a memory game to find matching fish.

Finally, there is playtime, which features a sea of colorful fish that children can play with: tap a fish to make it swim faster or hold it down to make it grow bigger.

This app is a fun way to learn, and great for all children.

Available on iPad for $1.99.

For more information, go here.

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