Special Needs App of the Day: Story Land

Special Needs App of the Day: Story Land

The Story Land app allows children with special needs to build stories by selecting a background and adding in various characters and objects. It is extremely interactive: users can choose from over 320 fully animated characters and create over 300,000 different combinations in a scene. Even the weather and the music can be easily manipulated by kids using the app.

Story Land is helpful for children with special needs who have trouble with abstract thought. This app can build imagination and encourages understanding of cause and effect with the use of so many visual elements. Language concepts such as location, size, sequencing, categories, and sentence development can also be targeted with Story Land. For some children, it is an effective app for practicing turn taking, as one person can choose a character and say a sentence about it, then give it to another person to do the same and slowly build a story together. Scenes can be saved and printed out to make a book.

This app is available for download on the iPad for $0.99.

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