Special Needs Karate: Is Money the Big Factor

Special Needs Karate: Is Money the Big Factor

Thanks for coming back to my monthly article for children with special needs and karate. I hope to bring you closer to understanding the multitude of benefits the martial arts bring to our children.

Over the years I’ve found myself answering the same questions day after day when a parent walks in or calls for information. What I’ve found is that most ask about cost right from the start and then about class times, but almost always I am the one trying to convey the many benefits we provide during the discussion.

We all fear the unknown and it is important we know the cost associated with a service because it may just be out of our budget, and this is totally understandable. What about the reason you called, though? Isn’t that just as important? The quality of a program is not necessarily determined by the cost; it is determined by measureable results. What value do you place on a program that provides positive and immediate results for your child?

The average parent comes to me with their child having focus issues, poor social skills, low tone, anxiety, some OCD, poor eye contact, and having difficulty in school (to name a few). So after a few sessions we found the child has more structure and understands boundaries. After a month that same child has a small social group they interact with in class. After several months, this child is behaving better at home, listening well, has increased focus, and they are doing better in school! What is that worth? These services are not priced, they are valued, and without first understanding what the program provides you can’t possibly understand the value or cost associated with it.

My suggestion to you, regardless of what you are looking into doing for your child is to ask “how will this benefit my child and how long will it take to reach our goals?” Martial Arts are NOT all alike, and your child should not be enrolled in a program based upon affordability alone. If the instructor is good but you cannot afford the services, then ask for help because most reputable instructors will find a way to get you the same quality instruction subsidized.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Please follow my monthly submissions as many of your questions will surely be answered!

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