What is Special Education and is it Right for Your Child?

What is Special Education and is it Right for Your Child?

When it comes to your child and their education, it is natural to only want the best. However, if your child has special needs or a learning disability, a regular classroom setting may not be best for them. In fact, your child may be learning less in a regular classroom setting because the instruction is too confusing and frustrating for them. To help your child succeed with their needs and disability, it is a good idea to see if special education is a good fit for them.

What Is Special Education?

Special education is educational instruction designed to meet the needs of students with learning disabilities. Sometimes modified instructions can help certain students in the classroom; however, if your child needs more help than the modifications given, special education is available for them.

Schools can differ in the way they manage their special education. Many times, the special education classes are separate from the regular classes.

Special education is designed to meet the unique needs of the students through specialty instruction. Special education also strives to interact children with learning disabilities and disabilities with the children that are not disabled in a way that is appropriate and best for both of them. Special education is an important part of the public school system, as well as many private schools, and it does not cost extra.

How Does One Qualify for Special Education?

To qualify for special education, your child must be assess and approved by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) team. There are many learning disabilities and physical disorders that are best suited for the program, such as those who are hearing impaired, vision impaired, autistic, and emotionally disturbed. Other qualified students are also those who have special learning disabilities and other health impairments that affect their learning in a regular classroom setting.

The IEP will help establish which children are best suited for the program. Along with the IEP, you will want to provide any important paperwork that you have collected from therapists or doctors that talks of your child’s learning disability.

What is special education? It can be the key to your child’s educational freedom and success if they have been struggling with a learning disability. Children that are in special education still graduate and attend notable colleges, but they are able to learn at their own pace and maximize their educational strengths to the fullest.

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