Asperger’s Retreat

Asperger’s Retreat

High in themountains above Truckee is a big cabin surrounded by pines and a skythat seems to go on forever is the home of the Asperger’s Retreat.We call it a “retreat” because it’s a warm, welcoming place.But “to retreat” also means to back away from a situation thatisn’t working, and we know that life for our young people oftenisn’t working easily. Like an incubator Retreat warms the wholeenvironment so youth want to hear about and try the skills that leadto success.


Young people aged13-23 are surrounded by trained young role models, who challenge, andsupport them with every step. Youth learn that at Retreat, you don’thave to run from people, but rely on them. Like a big summer family,Retreat offers special time for swimming, hikes, boating, supportedbackpacking, relaxing time and fun. Meg Fields, a psychiatric nursewith a degree in clinical psychology, her husband Michael, a mountainloving emergency room nurse , and Kathy Allen, MA, an early pioneerin spectrum disorders treatment, share the leadership.




Summer Sessions2011


Session I June 25 – July 9 $3487.00 15 days


Session II July 10 – July 16 $1627.00 7 days

Session III July 17 – July 23 $1627.00 7 days