The Rugby School

The Rugby School

Thirty-five years ago, The Rugby School at Woodfield opened its doors and hearts to special needs students, their parents and guardians. Over time, we have developed into a comprehensive k-12 day program that offers: quality academics, clinical and medical services, and vocation/college preparation with hands-on experience. 


It’s our mission to teach students the interpersonal skills necessary to function in today’s competitive world while becoming a productive member of society.  By designing and implementing individual education plans, we strive to equip them with the academic skills necessary for success.   Whether the individual student decides to continue onto higher-education, trade-school or enter directly in the workforce, they leave The Rugby School with a sense of pride and confidence to pursue goals. 


Our dedicated staff is an integral part of our program.  They hold advanced degrees and certifications in various fields such as: Special Education, Fine Arts, Holistic Health, Nursing, Psychology, Social-Work, and Public & School Administration.  This eclectic community of individuals comes together each day at 8:30 a.m. with one common purpose in mind, to work with these students.  Five days a week, learning is happening in classrooms, hallways and offices. 


In addition to academics, The Rugby School provides: Individual, Speech and Occupational Therapy, and Health Services & Wellness Center.  Counseling services are provided by both certified school social workers and school counselors.  Individual and Group counseling techniques can be seen during Art Therapy, Social Skills and Integrative Counseling.   Health Services are provided by a Nurse Practitioner in collaboration with a Medical Doctor and on-staff Psychiatrist.  The Wellness Center promotes healthy life style choices by promoting Healthy Snacks and Fitness Fund-raisers such as: Lance Armstrong’s Live It! Program.


 At The Rugby School at Woodfield we are committed to the success of our students. We look beyond labels, reach the inner person and create a healthy, positive learning experience for these special children.The school serves nine counties and fifty-seven school districts.