A Mother’s Rage on Lifetime

A Mother’s Rage on Lifetime

Lori Loughlin stars in this intense made-for-TV movie about a mother and her extreme love for her daughter. A Mother’s Rage is a powerful story about Rebecca Mayer (Loughlin) who is driving her daughter Connor to college. She is the quintessential overprotective mother, but she has a reason for that as viewers discover as the story unfolds.

Along the route to college, dead bodies continue to turn up and the local Sheriff (Kristen Dalton) is doing her best to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Sheriff Tobin has some help, in the form of her adorable 15-year-old daughter Molly (Alix Elizabeth Gitter) who is enthralled by police work. This girl loves to look at photos of crime scenes and dead bodies, and she is more than capable of coming up with scenarios to fit the crime. Molly is the most endearing character in this film. Could a sequel or series with Molly and her mother be in the future?

In the meantime, Molly comes up with several ideas that actually help her mother and the authorities solve the crimes that are happening in their usually tranquil community.

While the crimes continue, secrets from Rebecca’s past unravel painting a different picture of the woman and her life than what viewers initially thought of her. I won’t add any spoiler alerts, but I will say that much of the underlying story of Rebecca is revealed not too far into the film. What is interesting is the twist at the end of the movie.

The main theme that comes out in this film is the intense love Rebecca has for her daughter and her desire to keep her safe from all evil — and this woman sees evil around every turn. A Mother’s Rage premiers Saturday, April 6, 2013 on Lifetime. There are some bloody scenes so it’s not a movie for young viewers. It is captivating and might be the launching point of a series with young Molly as a young sleuth helping her mother the Sheriff. Who knows? She’s definitely a cute character to watch and provides some smiles in this otherwise intense drama.

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