Super Buddies Combo Pack

Super Buddies Combo Pack

The adorable little puppies are back for a super new adventure. Super Buddies is their seventh feature film and Rosebud, Mudbud, Budda, B-Dawg, and Budderball find themselves in an amazing out-of-this-world escapade that combines elements of ET, Superman, and all the other super heroes of our day.

Bartleby (Trey Loney) has been collecting the Rings of Inspiron in the Puppy Chow bags. He recently got the fifth and final ring. Bartleby is enamored by the comic books featuring Kid Courageous and Captain Canine, two supposedly fictional characters with alien connections who are fighting evil around the world while trying to track down the Rings of Inspiron. These rings, as well as Captain Canine, are from another planet and hold the key to saving the inhabitants of that planet.

Well, low and behold, while on a treasure hunt at Bartleby’s grandfather’s farm (John Ratzenberger), the buddies find the real Rings of Inspiron. What they also discover is that while wearing the rings, they have super powers. The buddies decide to use their newfound powers to save the people of Fernfield.

B-Dawg, can stretch like rubber, Budda learns how to move objects with his mind, Rosebud, usually the slowest of the group gets super speed, Mudbud gets the power of invisibility, and Budderball becomes brave like a bull. Now, with all these powers the buddies must learn how to use them and more importantly, how to work together. When the evil alien tracks down the Rings of Inspiron, not only are the buddies in danger, but also the entire town of Fernfield. It’s lucky for the buddies that Captain Canine is real and not fictional and manages to get to the buddies and helps them use their newfound powers to save the town.

This is a cute buddy film with several positive messages for kids. “Positive energy will always win over negative energy.” “You don’t have to have super powers to be a super hero.” And as Rosebud says, “Girl power is a state of mind.”

Besides the adorable puppies, there are some whacky hijinks courtesy of the clueless Sheriff Dan (Michael Eigen) who is turned into a pig, and Deputy Sniffer (voiced by Tim Conway), and a little alien monkey named Monk-E. How clever! He adds a lot of the comic relief while Sheriff Dan is the bumbling whacko.

Kids love the buddies film, and I confess that I find them adorable too. These little fellows are fun to watch and their expressions are so cute. What is also fun about these movies is the addition of other dogs into the mix. This time it is Captain Canine who interacts with the buddies. And the thing that makes the buddies films endearing to children is the fact that effects are used to make the pups look like they are actually talking. None of this voice-over stuff for Disney. They take the time to make the puppies “talk.”

Super Buddies comes in a Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy Combo Pack. It’s rated “G” for all ages.

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