The Perfect Boss on Lifetime Movie Network

The Perfect Boss on Lifetime Movie Network

Sometimes you have a boss who is more interested in making money than he or she is in doing what’s right. That’s exactly what happens in the new Lifetime Movie Network film The Perfect Boss. That boss is Jessica Slade, beautifully played by Jamie Luner. Jessica has recently been hired at the Mickelson pharmaceutical company to fast track their new drug through FDA approval. This drug will save the company from going under, but when it is brought to Jessica’s attention that the drug is responsible for people going under… six feet under, she sweeps the information under the rug and takes drastic actions to hide any negativities about the miracle drug.

The deadly side effects are discovered by one of the company’s doctors who performed clinical trials on this new wonder drug. Dr. Renfro (Gary Hudson) is a by-the-book man and is troubled by his latest findings. When he takes the information to his immediate boss, Cameron Finney (Linden Ashby), he is assured the company will look into his findings. But when Cameron informs his boss — and girlfriend — Jessica, she concocts a plan to eliminate Renfro from the company. What she wants is for Renfro to be eliminated permanently.

The story unfolds as Renee Renfro (Ashley Leggat), Dr. Renfro’s aspiring medical school daughter, puts the pieces together about her father’s untimely death and the problems with the new drug at Mickelson pharmaceuticals. But how can one girl prove her story? That’s an interesting part of the film.

Luner and Ashby are not strangers when it comes to costarring together. They played a married couple in the Melrose Place series. Luner is a regular with it comes to Lifetime original movies, and has recently starred in seven movies for the network. And Ashby can currently be seen in Army Wives as Dr. Dan Seaver.

The Perfect Boss premiers Friday, May 24, 2013 at 8 PM ET/PT on Lifetime Movie Network.

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