The Smurfs 2 Movie Review

The Smurfs 2 Movie Review

Those delightful blue fellows are back with even more fun and adventure when they return to the human world to enlist the help of their friends Patrick (Neil Patrick Harris) and Grace (Jayma Mays), who now have a young son Blue (Jacob Tremblay). When Smurfette (voiced by Katy Perry) is abducted by Gargamel (Hank Azaria) and brought from Smurf Village to Paris, she meets her “sister” Vexy (voiced by Christina Ricci) and “brother” Hackus (voiced by J.B. Smoove). These two were created by Gargamel to be evil, as was Smurfette. But Smurfette was changed into being good by a spell from Papa Smurf (voiced by Jonathan Winters). Gargamel wants the spell and intends on doing whatever he can to get Smurfette to give up the secret.

It’s a Smurfy good time for audiences who will turn blue with envy as they see all the fun onscreen. Vexy and Hackus are new characters that add some spark to the group. Hackus is a bumbling fellow, while Vexy just wants love and attention from her papa Gargamel. And all Gargamel wants is the Smurf “essence” so he can take over the world. But that’s not going to happen, as long as the Smurfs and Patrick are willing to sacrifice everything to save Smurfette and the world.

One of the themes of this story is family. It doesn’t matter if you are related by blood. What matters is the familial bond that exists between people, or Smurfs. While Smurfette is conflicted between Gargamel — who created her, and Papa Smurf — who raised her, she realizes who her real father is. And that goes double for Patrick who was raised by his stepfather Victor but never felt as though he was his real father. Up until now. As they say in the movie, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, but who you choose to be.” And we should “never give up on family.” Love is stronger than anything.

So, with the two little “naughties” (Vexy and Hackus) providing a new element to the gang of tiny fellows, Smurfs 2 is a cute little film both kids and parents can enjoy. Did the audience in my screening enjoy it? Is a Smurf’s butt blue?

Sony went all out with a pre-screening party for kids and their parents, complete with blue cupcakes, punch, ice cream, and a whole lot of fun for all. Everyone had a Smurfy good time and I’m still trying to get the blue frosting off of my fingernails. It was Smurftastic. The Smurfs 2 opens July 31. Enjoy! And for more fun, visit

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