Special Needs App of the Day: ArtikPix

Special Needs App of the Day: ArtikPix

ArtikPix is an exciting new app that helps students practice words and articulations. Ideal for students with speech and sound delays, the app is a fun way for children to practice speech.

This intelligent app, developed by Eric Sailers, a speech and language pathologist, includes a group practice feature, which allows up to four students to play at the same time. Each student collects scores from a series of flashcards, which requires the student to practice sounds in words and sentences. Other modes allow the students to work with a speech-language pathologist, their parents, or by themselves. Additionally, students and caregivers can make progress notes on each session to note improvements and areas that need work.

The full version includes 21 decks with 40 cards each, and these cards work on the sounds:

  • Th
  • F
  • V
  • Ch
  • Sh
  • K
  • G
  • S
  • Z
  • L
  • R
  • S-blends
  • L-blends
  • P
  • B
  • M
  • N
  • T
  • D
  • J

Once you select a variety of phonemes and word positions (beginning, middle, and end of words), a series of flashcards is generated, each with a word that targets those phonemes.

The students first practice just one word, then they are asked to repeat full sentences. ArtikPix also includes a sound recording feature, and children can listen back to their voice recording. Children can also flip through the pictures and find pairs by matching them. Each card allows you to record correct or incorrect answers in real-time, which is great for immediate feedback.

While the app is designed for speech and language pathologists, ArtikPix is easy for parents and their children to use. It allows for some competition and motivation when used in the multi-player mode, which also encourages turn-taking skills. The voice recording option gives a more personalized touch. The full version includes several decks and cards, so the amount of education and enjoyment your students receives from it is extraordinary.

A free version includes one deck of cards, and you can use an in-app purchase for individual decks, or you can purchase the full set of decks for $29.99. The tool is a great investment for therapists and parents who want to help improve their child’s speech and articulation.

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