Improving Therapy with Autism Products

Improving Therapy with Autism Products

Does your child with autism thrive in his or her personal therapy sessions? The right therapy and therapist can work wonders with any child with special needs. Encourage your child’s therapy even more with these cool toys and products made especially for children with autism. These autism products are a great way to keep children with autism entertained, as well as helping your child improve between therapy sessions.

Chew Stixx

Many children with autism have the tendency to chew on items, such as clothing, pencils, and other small objects. This habit stems from them wanting to keep their mouth busy and the need for repetitive movements. Not only can this habit be damaging to many items, but also it damages your child’s mouth.

A simple solution is the Chew Stixx. Chew Stixx were to develop oral motor skills. They come in a variety of textures so that chewing and grinding is encouraged and beneficial. There are many types of Chew Stixx available, even pencil toppers, so that your child will chew on the top instead of their pencil. They are small enough to carry in your purse or pocket to keep children’s mouths busy during school, church, road trips, and any other place.

Sit and Spins

There are many toys available that have the simple concept that allows a child to spin themselves in circles while they spin. You can find these sit and spin type toys at a local toy store or specialized models through specialized stores or through your child’s therapist. Children with autism love the movement of a sit and spin. This type of toy also teaches cause and affect, works on gross motor skills, and even tones arm and core muscles.

Balancing Board

Balance boards are easy to find at any store that sells fitness equipment. Balance boards are highly beneficial for children with autism, as well as many other special needs children, because it helps with balance and coordination. Daily practice on the balance board will improve your child’s muscle tone, coordination, and clumsiness. Many autism children love the swaying movement of the balance board.

Your child should use the balance board for 10-15 minutes a day. This routine may be hard for them at first, so they can work up to that goal. Once their balance and strength improves, your child can try balancing on one leg or balancing in a squatted position.

There are many helpful autism products available for children with autism. These three autism products keep children stimulated and help with their therapy sessions and overall development. You can find all three of these items at a local chain store or on

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