Special Needs App of the Day: Autism DX/Treatment

Special Needs App of the Day: Autism DX/Treatment

With the increase of cases of autism and autism awareness comes a wealth of information, and parents are often bombarded with both good information and misinformation. Licensed psychologist Dr. Gary Brown put together an applet called Autism DX/Treatment to help you sort through the information and give you tools to find the proper treatment for autism.

“DX” stands for diagnosis, and many children are diagnosed and even misdiagnosed with autism. Dr. Brown urges autism screenings known as the C.H.A.T. (Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) at well baby exams. He explains that autism is a spectrum disorder, and children can be placed from low functioning to high functioning on the spectrum.

Dr. Brown warns that you will have to see a number of specialists, and you will have to fight with insurance companies and school systems to pay for treatment. Autism is a long-term battle, and starting with early intervention is important.

Following the diagnosis, Dr. Brown’s Autism DX/Treatment app introduces you to treatment plan options. As a supporter of ABA therapy, Dr. Brown highly recommends this treatment; Dr. Brown has over 40 years of clinical experience, and he has seen what works and what does not. Dr. Brown also recommends a mixture of Speech and Occupational therapy. He also suggests if your child is high functioning, keep them out of special education and fight for a mainstream school experience.

Additionally, Dr. Brown explains in the Autism DX/Treatment app that you will hear about several unproven therapies. The gluten-free diet, chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatment, dietary supplements, and others do not have scientific proof to back them up; while they might help, be wary of claims made by these therapies.

Autism DX/Treatment is an excellent informational app that will provide you with useful information regarding the diagnosis and treatment of autism. While there is much more information you will need, this app gives you an introduction and provides some direction for future research. Autism DX/Treatment is free and available for iPhone and iPad.

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