BrightStar Reader for Dyslexia

BrightStar Reader for Dyslexia

If you or your child has difficulty reading due to a learning disability such as dyslexia, you understand how important it is to get treatment quickly; the faster you can improve skills, the faster you can catch up in the classroom or at work.

BrightStar Learning is introducing the BrightStar Reader, a revolutionary new tool to help problem readers in just 8 weeks.

The BrightStar Reader might help individuals who:

  • Have difficulty spotting sight words
  • Make many spelling errors
  • Misinterpret or guess words when reading aloud
  • Have trouble reading fluidly or smoothly
  • Have difficulty recalling names of objects from memory
  • Display inattention or are not alert to sudden visual stimuli
  • Are easily distracted by changes in light contrasts while reading
  • Need to use their finger or computer mouse to follow along with words
  • Fidget while focusing on visual stimuli, such as the TV or a book

The BrightStar Reader is a game-like program that improves attention and reading skills. The program works by enabling individuals to instantly recognize sight words. Developers of the BrightStar reader say it is just like “taking a pill, but with the computer.” The program works by creating neuroplastic changes in the brain areas associated with reading. These changes impact temporal and motor coordination of sight and eye movements, which results in better reading fluency. The learner is changing and gaining skills without realizing it.

The program consists of 12-minute sessions over the course of eight weeks, and it does not involve reading, memorization, active learning, or practice. Learners complete reading tests at certain intervals to see their progress with the program. It might take two or more weeks to see an effect, but the effect is powerful, according to testimony from those who have used the program.

BrightStar Learning continues to do clinical trials to test the efficacy of their program. If you are interested in trying the program or participating in a pilot study, visit BrightStar online.

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