Lexercise for Dyslexia

Lexercise for Dyslexia

Technology is revolutionizing the way therapy and treatment modalities can be provided. Webcams and the Internet are making it possible for therapists to help individuals with special needs all around the world, and Lexercise is one organization that offers online help for individuals struggling with reading, writing, and spelling.

Lexercise offers a free dyslexia test to see if your child is having difficulty with reading and processing words, and they offer a full evaluation to develop an individualized treatment plan.

How it Works

Skilled clinicians use the Orton-Gillingham approach, which uses visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approaches to learning. Students are taught the structure of language before moving on to reading, and reading and handwriting are taught as one body of knowledge. Gradually, sequence and logic are taught to enhance literacy skills. This method has proven to be successful, and each clinician for Lexercise is given the proper special training for the program.

Lexercise is convenient, and sessions take place inside your home or wherever you have access to the Internet. The site also includes video games, which makes learning fun and motivating. It costs $125 a week or $395 a month, which is a relatively low cost for therapy. Students receive webcam instruction once a week and up to seven online practice sessions.

Lexercise Vs. Clinical Treatment

Clinical treatment programs for dyslexia usually take place twice a week in a clinic setting. Depending on your location, Lexercise is a great alternative that does not involve transportation time for the treatment meetings. Lexercise also encourages parent involvement during sessions and games, while traditional clinics typically ask parents to wait outside during their child’s session. While many trained clinicians are very good at motivating their students, the use of online tools and games is particularly appealing for today’s child. Lexercise also encourages the use of games for daily practice, which may or may not be a part of a program in a clinic setting. Clinic-based programs are also typically much more expensive.

Do not completely rule out clinic settings, as other treatment modalities for dyslexia might be better suited for your child; however, knowledge of a program like Lexercise enables you to make the best choice for your child. You want to see your child succeed and gain confidence in his literacy abilities, and Lexercise is an option for your child’s achievement.

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