App of the Day: KinderApp

App of the Day: KinderApp

Many parents might remember using flashcards and repetition to learn vocabulary. Now in the age of mobile technology, we have more lively and exciting ways to learn our first words. KinderApp is a way for toddlers and children to learn about objects from their everyday environments.

KinderApp includes two levels. The first level shows animations and images of different objects in the bedroom, kitchen, closet, bath, and bedtime. When you tap on a picture, the image is shown up close on the screen, and a voice announces the name of that object; the name of the object is also shown in text underneath the image. The second level involves a question, such as “where is the car?” and it is up to the user to find and tap on the car.

Research has shown that pointing out and naming images and objects is a superb way for children to learn. KinderApp teaches these skills in a way that is fun for toddlers and children with speech delays. The app allows you to reinforce this learning about common objects even when you’re away from home.

One aspect of KinderApp we love and that sets it apart from other apps is that it teaches children first words in multiple languages. Select from American, German, Hungarian, or British voices. In addition to learning words in their first language, children are introduced to new languages, and KinderApp is a great starting point for new language learners.

KinderApp also allows you to choose from a couple music selections, or you can turn the music off completely. The bright colors and animations are extremely appealing to kids, and children will have fun exploring the app. The 60 different images are divided amongst five screens, each with its own theme. KinderApp uses objects that you find in everyday life, so the vocabulary that is learned through the app is very applicable to a child’s world. After finding all the objects in one room, children are rewarded with more music and balloons.

KinderApp is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and costs $1.99.

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