Best iPad Apps for Special Needs

Best iPad Apps for Special Needs

Mobile technology is changing the way people view therapy for special needs. In return, companies like Wynsum Arts and app developers are changing the way mobile technology works for special needs. Many lists of the best iPad Apps for special needs are surfacing in Google searches. Here are some of our favorites.

Dr. Brown’s DTT Apps

DTT stands for discrete trial training, a primary teaching method in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), used often as a therapy for autism and ADHD. Developed by a licensed psychologist with over 40 years clinical experience, the apps help teach basic fundamentals, including shapes, letters, numbers, words, and colors. View our review of DTT Shapes and Dr. Brown’s Autism DX/Treatment applet.

Mobile Education Store

Mobile Education Store is another company with several valuable apps. See our review of Story Builder, which allows users to record stories in their own voice and aids development of paragraph formation, integration of ideas, and improve higher-level abstraction. Also check out Sentence Builder, Rainbow Sentences, Language Builder, Question Builder, Conversation Builder, and Preposition Builder.

Tap to Talk

One of the recipients of Wynsum Arts’ Apps of Distinction Award, Tap to Talk turns your tablet into an AAC, or Augmentive and Alternative Communication device. This iPad app for special needs allows non-verbal children to communicate their basic needs, such as things to eat, places to go, and emotions.

Nxt App 4 Kids

An excellent means of learning basic math skills, Nxt App 4 Kids is one of the highest-rated math apps available. The app engages children with bright animations of farm animals, and by utilizing sequences, teaches addition and subtraction.


Developed by a speech-language pathologist, ArtikPix helps students practice words and articulations. Practice beginning, middle, and end of word sounds and utilize the multi-player function to encourage turn-taking and motivation. This iPad app for special needs is a great investment for parents and speech-language pathologists, and it is recommended by Moms with Apps.


Short for “I Communicate,” iComm uses pictures and words to help children learn the connections between words and their basic needs. Your child can tap “yes,” “no,” “more,” or “finished” to communicate when you ask a question. The pictures help your child understand what is being asked. Similar to using baby sign language, this app is useful for non-verbal children. It is also recommended by Moms with Apps.


Another of Wynsum Arts’ Apps of Distinction, ChoiceWorks gives a visual support system for daily routines. The app fosters self-regulation, positive behavior, independence, and emotional regulation. Users can view their schedules and check completed tasks, learn waiting and patience skills, and express emotions and choose coping strategies.

Many of these apps have also been featured as a TWA Pick on The best iPad apps for special needs are the ones that work for your child. There is no “one app fits all,” but these apps have proven to be some of the highest-rated, most used, and most comprehensively helpful for special needs purposes.

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