Product of the Week: Jack Hunter

Product of the Week: Jack Hunter

Many of us have experienced the interactive book; it’s not just a story, but an interactive game thrown into the mix gives it that extra spark. In Martin King’s book Jack Hunter: Secret of the King, you will find clues to a secret code-breaker. When you unlock the secret, you solve the mystery.

The story revolves around treasure, secret passageways, and historical clues — a little flavor of Indiana Jones, National Treasure, and the Goonies makes King’s story an exciting one for children of all ages.

After being forced to leave his home and friends, Jack Hunter feels like life can’t get any worse — until his grandfather shares information about a secret treasure. With some new friends, Jack embarks on a journey filled with challenges and exciting twists. An exhilarating tale for both girls and boys, Jack Hunter: Secret of the King is full of interesting characters, villains, and clues that will keep you one your toes.

In addition to the story, each chapter begins with a letter or groups of letters that help reveal the secret to unlocking the puzzle. Each chapter also ends with a number in parentheses — and as a hint, you’ll want to write these down.

After reading the book, you can visit King’s website to solve riddles in order to unlock the mysteries.

Jack Hunter: Secret of the King not only encourages reading, but it supports exploration and problem solving through an interactive and stimulating adventure. Your children will get the chance to be Indiana Jones himself, and they will unlock their inner adventurers.

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