Special Needs App of the Day: Barefoot World Atlas

Special Needs App of the Day: Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas brings the world to your fingertips — literally. Explore regions and countries of the world with this interactive 3D globe for the iPad. Enlighten your child and his curiosity and creativity through this app, which allows your child to immerse himself in the wonders of the world.

Barefoot World Atlas features a globe, and by moving your finger across the screen, you can spin the globe. You can also use the pinch and expand functions with your fingertips to enlarge certain areas. There are many icons across the globe, and each one represents a feature of the world.

In the top left corner, categories show you different places to go within the atlas. You can select regions, countries, features, and favorites from this menu. Within each region, you can select specific countries and read fun facts about each area. Additionally, as you move from region to region, the music changes to highlight traditional music of that area.

Nick Crane, a BBC presenter and geographer, narrates Barefoot World Atlas, and the app also features extensive written text. Each photograph in the app was chosen carefully, so as to provide an interesting and stimulating experience. The app also includes 3D rotations of objects from the Royal Geographical Society.

Features of Barefoot World Atlas include:

  • Flying around the globe
  • Exploring continents, oceans, and other environments
  • Meeting people from around the globe and finding out about their ways of life
  • Encountering wildlife, landmarks, buildings, and other features of a given region

The Barefoot World Atlas app is the iPad-compatible version of the hardcover book, and the app brings imagination and discovery of the world into the technological age.

Parents and children who have tried the app say it is very engaging and interesting, and it is great for visual learners and those with special needs. The app is exciting, colorful, and stimulating, and children are learning without necessarily realizing it. Barefood World Atlas is also featured on www.TeachersWithApps.com as a TWA Pick.

Parents and teachers will find this app a useful tool in their home or classroom, and at only $7.99, this app is a worthwhile investment.

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