Special Needs App of the Day: Bill the Fish

Special Needs App of the Day: Bill the Fish

While nothing can really replace old-fashioned paper books, interactive story apps like Bill the Fish certainly give them a run for their money. Bill the Fish is a story that celebrates individuality and teaches children that it’s okay to be yourself, even with all your quirks.

Written by Brett Curzon, Bill the Fish is a story with wonderful prose and poetry; the rhyming couplets throughout the story make it pleasant to listen to, and children will respond well to the narrator’s voice.

Each page of the story includes a sound icon, so you can hear the story read aloud, and you can tap the illustrations on the page for fun animations, and even a few hidden surprises. Tap the corner at the bottom or drag your finger across the screen to “turn the page.”

The story follows Bill the Fish, whose underwater friends have all types of body shapes, sizes, and colors, and they all even have some funny quirks (such as a prawn with a beard). At the end of the story, you are allowed to “make a friend,” which you can send to a printer. And you might not help but giggle at the final page, which says “Fin” for “the end.”

You can love the story for praising individuality and encouraging self-esteem, and kids will love the animations and narration. Powered by Interact Books, Bill the Fish is a high-quality and entertaining app for iPad and iPhone. Bill the Fish is also a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers promoting quality apps for kids and families.

Bill the Fish is available for $2.99.

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