Special Needs App of the Day: HaloTalk

Special Needs App of the Day: HaloTalk

Communication apps are enabling children to learn how to communicate anywhere and at any time. HaloTalk by AdastraSoft is simple yet powerful augmentive learning software.

The app includes over 50 pairs of commonly used responses, and each response or adjective includes a visual cue to help the reader choose the appropriate response.

HaloTalk has pairs of words, and each word in the pair has a picture. For example, the “OK/Pain” pair has a picture of someone smiling and a picture of someone in pain. If a doctor asks a patient how a particular body part feels, the patient can use the app to choose one answer. The pictures as a visual cue assist in choosing one answer, particularly for those individuals who tend to repeat the last word of a question.

The app encourages individuals to make a choice between two options, which also helps teach these individuals how to properly respond to a question. It is ideal for individuals who are non-verbal or who are limited verbally. HaloTalk is meant to be used by a prompter, or someone asking a question

The pictures are no conceptual, so the user does not have to think about what a word means. For example, there is not a picture of a snail for the word “slow.” This feature is ideal for individuals who have difficulty with conceptual understanding.

HaloTalk includes a search function, so you can easily find a word. The app can be used as-is for individuals with apraxia, autism, those learning English as a second language, or those with another learning or language disability.

HaloTalk is available for $9.99.

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