Special Needs App of the Day: i See-quence Going to Fireworks

Special Needs App of the Day: i See-quence Going to Fireworks

Going to Fireworks is a part of the i See-quence series from iGet It, LLC, who creates social stories and customizable book apps for teaching about a particular occasion. This app focuses on watching fireworks, which for many children with sensory difficulties is a challenge.

Loud noises are common triggers for over-stimulation, so taking a child with sensory issues to a fireworks show is often a stressful event when it can be fun and exciting. For those children who need support in the process and understanding fireworks display, Going to Fireworks provides a sequence of events that can be read like a book. When an event is understood or completed, you can check off the page by tapping on the screen.

Going to Fireworks uses real picture images that you can change with your own photos. The sequence of events can also be rearranged to fit your own personal schedule of events. You can even change the text statements that accompany each picture. Add new pages to the book easily by uploading a photo and choosing text.

Going to Fireworks, as with all the i See-quence apps, has a user-friendly interface and is fully customizable, so you can create you own stories and update them as needed. You can also create multiple users and save books based on the user. i See-quence provides you with a simple tool for creating social stories and other educational resources.

The Going to Fireworks story includes everything from walking in crowds to watching the parade, from putting on ear protection (a good idea to help minimize the loud noise) to watching the fireworks. The checkmark feature on each page is an excellent addition, as it helps promote task completion and gives immediate reinforcement.

i See-quence Going to Fireworks is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod for $2.99.

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