Special Needs App of the Day: iComm

Special Needs App of the Day: iComm

iComm, short for “I Communicate,” is a picture and voice communication aid for children — it works well for pre-speech toddlers and children with disabilities who have trouble communicating. Using pictures and words, the program allows children to learn connections between words and their basic needs, family, friends, toys, and other activities.

The app, developed by Mia’s Apps, comes with categories with some content, but the big advantage to this app is that you can add your own photos and content, which gives you and your child a more personalized experience. You can tailor the program to your child’s needs and interests.

Options for “yes,” “no,” “more,” and “finished” allows your child to learn and communicate those needs before they are able to speak. In a way, it is similar to using sign language as a way for your child to express their needs and wants.

iComm has a free version and a full version — the full version allows for more categories and sound recording, which allows you to record descriptions to accompany the pictures. The full version also includes a program to help your child learn shapes, colors, and letters.

Use the app with your special needs child by allowing your child to touch the screen to say “yes” or “no” when you ask a simple question. Also let them scroll through the pictures you uploaded when they want something; when your child can identify their wants with the picture, it is a way for them to communicate with you. Additionally, identifying pictures with words will help build your child’s vocabulary and prepares them for speech.

The app is easy to use and has a relatively simple function. You will get the most out of the app by upgrading to the full version, as the ability to record sound to accompany the pictures provides that extra stimulation and learning experience. The upgrade costs $7.99. This app is available for the iPhone.

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