Special Needs App of the Day: Learning Heroes Animal Sounds

Special Needs App of the Day: Learning Heroes Animal Sounds

Apps for special needs don’t have to be complicated, and apps can serve multiple needs or just one. The Learning Heroes Animal Sounds app is simple in design and function, but it creates a fun atmosphere for learning animal sounds.

Learning Heroes Animal Sounds features a wheel that you can spin with your finger and find over 40 different animals. When you tap on an animal, a voice introduces the animal and its sound. For example, for a picture of a dog, the voice announces, “the dog says ‘woof woof.’”

The app features cartoon pictures for each animal, and most are funny and interesting to children. The animal faces are expressive, and some animals even wear clothing, which creates a character for each animal.

There are 44 different characters to choose from, so above and beyond your typical animals, you get introduced to animals like the lynx and boar.

Learning Heroes Animal Sounds also features background music as your child explores the different animals and their sounds, but you have the option of turning off the music.

Each animal picture that shows up on the main screen also includes the word of that animal, so you can begin to teach your child how to read words.

Learning Hero apps also makes an ABC app with animals, and the Funny Animals app allows your child to put together animal puzzles.

The app is very easy to use and is ideal for toddlers, and it can also be used for infants. Teaching animal sounds is a staple of childhood development, and the app provides another means of teaching the sounds and reinforcing what the child learns about animals.

Learning Heroes Animal Sounds is available for iPhone and iPad and costs $1.99.

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