Special Needs App of the Day: Montessori Counting Boards

Special Needs App of the Day: Montessori Counting Boards

Fully immerse your child in a dynamic and interactive counting learning experience with Montessori Counting Boards by Grasshopper apps.

Many people might think learning to count is a simple task. For some special needs children, however, counting might not come so easy, which is why it is important to find and utilize tools to aid the learning process.

The Montessori Counting Boards app includes five counting games in one app:

  • Learn to count
  • Learn to count up
  • Learn to count down
  • Drag to count up
  • Drag to count down

Learn to count up and down by tapping on boxes, which will show the number as a voice announces it. Drag to count up and down by dragging the boxes to the bottom row of the screen, and the voice will announce each number. The combination of visual and auditory stimuli is great for a variety of learners.

The Montessori Counting Board app allows up to 20 items, so you can decide how many numbers to include in each game. The app also includes a record feature, so you can include your own voice counting each number. You can also record and customize the success sounds. Pre-selected and recorded affirmations include:

  • Awesome!
  • Fantastic!
  • Good Work!
  • Great Job!
  • Hurray!
  • Perfect!
  • Super!
  • Sweet!
  • That’s It!
  • Well Done!
  • Yes!
  • You Are Great!
  • You Did It!

Incorrect answers do not interfere with the game play, so each child is allowed to try again before moving to the next level. The auditory feedback after tapping a box is immediate, which is ideal for children with special needs. The tapping and dragging actions required for the app are fairly easy, even for children with special needs, and it enhances fine motor coordination.

The app is ideal for ages 0 to 6 — even young babies will show an interest in the app, and it is never too early to start engaging your child in learning objectives. The multi-sensory approach helps reach learners of all styles.

Grasshopper Apps also has released the “Counting Bear” app, which is a variation of the Montessori Counting Board. Instead of tapping on boxes, the Counting Bear app includes pictures of objects, such as teddy bears and toy trucks, which are more great visual motivators for children. The Counting Bear app also includes the same record and settings features as the Montessori Counting Board.

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