Special Needs App of the Day: Piece Me Birds

Special Needs App of the Day: Piece Me Birds

Bird and puzzle lovers unite for the Piece Me Birds app from Fashion Buddha. Piece Me Birds is one in a series of Piece Me Puzzle educational apps and features the art of Amy Ruppel.

Using a simple design, Piece Me Birds is easy to navigate and appropriate for even young children. The app features brightly colored pieces of a bird drawing, and the player uses his finger to move the pieces into the correct part of the bird’s outline. You will hear a clicking sound to acknowledge you have the piece in the correct place.

Once the puzzle is complete, a voice announces the name of the bird, and you hear the actual birdsong of that particular bird. The drawing also turns to an animation, so you see wings move or the bird dance.

Some puzzles are easier than others, and they do tend to be a challenge. Your child can practice piecing the puzzles many times, all while encouraging fine motor coordination and skill, as well as teaching about birds.

The Piece Me Birds app features:

  • An index screen to allow you to choose which bird you would like to piece together
  • Looping gameplay and no external links
  • A featurette on the artist, Amy Ruppel

Piece Me Birds is engaging and challenging, and puzzles help with mental acuity, visual-spatial skills, critical thinking, and patience. The puzzles also help with shape recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and finger dexterity.

Piece Me Puzzles also include Piece Me Dinosaur and Piece Me Circus apps, so the fun can continue after your child has mastered Piece Me Birds.

Piece Me Birds is available for iPhone and iPad and costs $0.99.

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