Special Needs App of the Day: QuickChoice

Special Needs App of the Day: QuickChoice

For those individuals with a language delay or limited verbal skills, verbal expression of basic needs is a difficult task. QuickChoice gives them a way to express themselves and make choices.

Use the existing photo library from QuickChoice or create your own custom library of images. Through these “reels” of photos, you can scroll through them with a finger to choose an image.

Individuals with language difficulties often know what they want or need, but they just have trouble communicating that need verbally to their caregivers. With QuickChoice, people with verbal troubles can tap a choice to communicate, thereby avoid a frustrating situation.

QuickChoice also allows for two or three picture options, so you can narrow down the items to a smaller choice. This feature enables for a quick choice, as the name of the app suggests.

This app is all about making choices and communication easy. The app is on sale through May 2012 for $0.99. QuickChoice is available for iPad and iPhone.

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