Special Needs App of the Day: Smart Oral Motor

Special Needs App of the Day: Smart Oral Motor

Despite its slightly un-catchy name, Smart Oral Motor does what it says — it helps develop the skills needed for functions like eating and speaking. There are many muscles in your jaw, mouth, and lips that are needed for these functions, and some individuals, like those with apraxia or Down syndrome, might have trouble using these muscles.

Smart Oral Motor helps children practice these oral motor skills while presenting the exercises in a fun and engaging manner. The app uses Clever the duck to provide auditory and visual feedback and encouragement. The app teaches you how to:

  • Pucker your lips
  • Make an “O” shape with your mouth
  • Puff your cheeks
  • Blow a kiss
  • Move your tongue from side to side
  • Touch your cheeks with your tongue
  • Move your tongue up and down

While this app does not eliminate the likely need for a licensed speech and language pathologist, this app can be used by SLPs and caregivers who want to supplement activities for therapy sessions. Smart Oral Motor is user-friendly and can be used by parents as well as professionals. The app costs $5.99.

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