Special Needs App of the Day: The Going to Bed Book

Special Needs App of the Day: The Going to Bed Book

Sandra Boynton is one of the most stellar children’s book authors in existence, and Loud Crow Interactive has brought the classic pop-up story The Going to Bed Book to your mobile device.

The app captures the original charm and joy of book, and it adds some interactive features that only an e-book experience can provide. You can choose to read it yourself or have the “big guy” read it. The words are highlighted as they are narrated, and each screen features characters and objects you can tap or move around. You can tap bubbles from the bath to pop them, draw faces on the steamy screen, and draw stars in the night sky.

The Going to Bed Book app includes the original illustrations and text from Boynton’s board book. The app even has the appearance of a board book, and you swipe your finger across the screen to move the page.

For many children, routines are important, especially for nighttime. Reading a favorite book (even on the iPad) is a great tradition to start and will help both entertain and calm your child before bed. Nighttime routines involving stories also encourages early literacy and reading skills.

Boynton says, “Of course The Going to Bed Book app is first and foremost for children, and I know they will be captivated and delighted. But it’s also perfect for agitated high-level executives. What a great evening-time alternative to reviewing the minutes of last week’s Near-Term Strategic Wombat Acquisitions meeting.”

The Going to Bed Book app is narrated by Billy J. Kramer and has calming piano music by Michael Ford.

The app is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for $3.99.

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