Special Needs App of the Day: Which Does Not Belong?

Special Needs App of the Day: Which Does Not Belong?

Enhance your child’s cognitive skills with the Which Does Not Belong? app. The app is simple in design and asks one question — “which of these items does not belong with the others?” Five pictures show up on the screen, and the user drags the picture that does not belong into a trash can in the corner of the screen. For each correct response, a voice indicates “good thinking!” as a positive reinforcer.

The usefulness of this app will increase with parent, caregiver, or teacher interaction. Ask a child to name all the pictures, which will improve vocabulary. Ask the child to stop and think about the pictures before moving one to the trashcan. Expand the learning experience again by asking your child why the picture does not belong or what the other pictures have in common.

Encourage your child to give you complete sentences. The first screen includes pictures of four fruits and a picture of cheese. Encourage your child to say something like, “The cheese does not belong because it is not a fruit.” If your child has difficulty putting these sentences together, prompt him with a question, such as “which picture is a fruit?” or ask your child to point to a particular fruit picture. Ask your child to repeat a full sentence after you say it to help encourage that language building and reinforce understanding of the question.

Which Does Not Belong? Includes 10 questions for free — if the app works well for you and your child, consider purchasing 90 more questions for $1.99. The app is effective for building verbal reasoning skills, especially if you utilize your own prompts and assist your child with the app.

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