Special Needs App of the Day: X is for X-Ray

Special Needs App of the Day: X is for X-Ray

Kids are so often interested in the way things work, and X is for X-Ray shows you what’s inside an object by giving you X-ray vision. It reads like an ABC storybook, but the information and intrigue is suitable for many ages. The pages of this app include stunning photography by Hugh Turvey accompanied with text by acclaimed children’s author Paul Rosenthal. Dr. Who talent Kerry Shale narrates the text.

X is for X-Ray by Touch Press gives an exceptional look at 26 different everyday objects, one for each letter of the alphabet. Swipe your finger across the screen to rotate the object or double-tap to get the stereoscopic option, and pinch and zoom for a closer look.

This inside look to everyday objects will fascinate even young children, who will also love the rhyme spoken aloud. Older children will appreciate the ability to manipulate the picture and check out the objects from every possible angle. More advanced students will also love the commentary, scientific information, and trivia about each object.

X is for X-Ray features a list of each letter at the bottom of the screen, each of which will take you to the corresponding page. The title and text is shown on the left while the picture is on the right, and you can tap the sound icon next to the text to hear the narration.

For anyone curious about the world and the way things function, X is for X-Ray is a must-have app. The app is innovative and extraordinary, and it’s bound to inspire brilliant minds of all ages and abilities.

X is for X-Ray is available for the iPad for $7.99.

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