Three Candles by Will Corcoran

Three Candles by Will Corcoran

In a heartening story about two boys who experience life-changing events at the age of three, a devoted father and debut author provides inspirational and enlightening guidance for parents and professionals caring for terminally ill children, as well as victims of child abuse.

When Will Corcoran’s son, Henry, was three years old, doctors not only diagnosed him with mitochondrial disease, a rare terminal illness, but also put a ceiling on his entire future. However, despite his ill-starred situation, Henry continues to live every day to the fullest, never taking no for an answer, never complaining, and always seeing the good in things and people. Like most parents out there, Will’s biggest and most important life lessons have come from his children. When he got the devastating news that Henry’s time on Earth would provide him only a crash course, Will became an assiduous student — learning and sharing everything that Henry, and his other kids, could teach him and his wife. As a humble student, he quickly learned that his own childhood played a crucial role in shaping his perspective as well. The victim of unspeakable child abuse, Will Corcoran believes that his traumatic childhood experiences have given him a unique ability to understand and encourage Henry.

Through an intimate account of both his own harrowing childhood and his current role as a father, Three Candles not only gives readers an inspiring look into the world of parents of sick children, but also provides indispensable advice for families embarking on a similar journey. Will and Henry’s story is full of moments that could be defeating and tragic; moments we have all experienced. What makes this story unique is Will and Henry’s choices to be inspired and encouraged, rather than defeated. Taken from two very different and equally dark places, the book demonstrates how there is light, hope, and peace — all given the proper perspective. Most importantly, Three Candles tells two inspirational stories of survival — Will’s literal survival, and Henry’s desire to live every minute of his life to the fullest.

While Three Candles serves as a vivid depiction of the daily social, financial, and household challenges associated with raising a sick child, it is most of all a testimony to a father’s unconditional love and the power of the human spirit when faced with adversity. Having experienced first-hand the pains of child abuse and the joys of fatherhood, Will’s advice is both compassionate and practical. Furthermore, by addressing such real and personal issues, readers will walk away laughing, crying, and with a better understanding of how to cope with life’s many challenges. Through his role as an experienced father of a chronically ill child, Will hopes that his heartfelt words illustrate that even when life happens outside our well-laid plans, it is to be treasured and enjoyed.

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