Turning Basic Research into Better Treatments

Turning Basic Research into Better Treatments

The Myelin Repair Foundation (MRF) is changing the world of medical research, starting with developing a myelin repair therapeutic for multiple sclerosis faster than the status quo.

This brief video by Scott Johnson, president and founder of the MRF, explains why it is difficult to turn billions of dollars and thousands of research studies into medicines and treatments for neurological conditions like Multiple Sclerosis.

The MRF Model: Revolutionizing All Medical Research

The MRF is demonstrating on myelin repair for MS, a new and comprehensive model for medical research and drug development that significantly shortens the time to market for new medicines for all diseases. By recognizing the incentives and limitations of academic scientists, commercial biopharma and government regulators, the Accelerated Research Collaboration ™ (ARC™) Model provides a clear pathway from bench to bedside by leveraging the MRF’s position as a non-partisan, non-profit organization with only one goal in mind: shortening the time to market for new medicines for patients who can’t afford to wait.

The MRF hopes that their platform will revolutionize the world of medical research and will lead to better treatments in a faster time frame. Visit myelinrepair.org for more information.

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